CBS weekly roundup 23rd September

CBS Mitchelstown Whole School Well-being Day 2022

Well-being is a term that is branded around quite regularly in modern discourse but what exactly does it mean, and more importantly, how can one increase their sense of well-being in their day to day lives? These are questions that CBS Secondary School Mitchelstown take seriously, where the school has been working consistently over the last few years to not only contemplate the nature of these questions  but to also ensure their realisation. For the school well-being is omnipresent: it exists in the positive student-teacher relationships, in the culture of inclusion and in the belief that each child should and will reach their own potential, in an atmosphere of support and care. However, the school also believes that a specific focus on well-being must also be explicitly visible, and was the driving force behind  ‘Well-being Week’ and  ‘Inclusion, Community and Friendship Week’  last year. Hence, last Wednesday, 14th September, joins the school calendar as another example of how the school is ensuring that well-being is to the fore in the school, where in this instance the specific focus was on physical exercise and team building. 

As the school day broke was year group set off in their respective trip, with First Years and TYs heading to Ballyhass Lakes, Second Years to Dunmore East Adventure Centre , Third Years to The Greenway, followed by a dip in Clonea beach, Fifth Years/LCA1s to Oysterhaven Adventure Centre and Sixth Years/LCA2s to Fota Adventure Centre. Each group had an activity full day, packed with fun, laughter and exertion. To say each student came home with a few sore muscles, in their limbs and in their faces from smiling, is somewhat of an understatement.

A whole school activity like this is no easy undertaking and was in the pipeline, organisational wise, since the end of the last school year. To this end, huge thanks must be given to every single staff member who organised the trips, who supervised and travelled with the students on the day, and who, on a few occasions, joined in! The day was a resounding success and the whole school community cannot but be thankful for the facilitation and execution of such a big endeavour…. Here’s to 2023!!