Message from Principal

Welcome to our school website.

CBS Mitchelstown is an inclusive secondary school where every single student is actively encouraged to reach his full potential: academically, socially and holistically.  We strive to provide a high-quality education for the boys entrusted to our care. We subscribe to the vision expressed in the five elements of the Edmund Rice Schools Trust Charter, namely excelling in teaching and learning, creating a caring school community, promoting partnership in the school community, nurturing faith, Christian spirituality and gospel-based values, and inspiring transformational leadership.

Mitchelstown CBS has a long-established reputation for academic excellence and we are justifiably proud of the achievements of each of the boys.  Every student is unique; each has his own skills and talents.  Our dedicated and committed staff work in partnership with student and parent to ensure that these skills and talents are nurtured.  Our excellent learning support structure, pastoral care system and career guidance service are key to the success of our students.   We provide a broad range of subjects and programmes, including very successful Transition Year and Leaving Cert Applied programmes.

Respect is a core value in our school and is adhered to mutually be all involved.  It underpins our provision of provision of a calm, caring and supportive learning environment, which allows each student to achieve his potential.

At Mitchelstown CBS we focus on nurturing the full potential of students, so that they may be healthy in both mind and body.  A wide range of extra-curricular activities is available for students.  The school has a proud tradition of achievement in the sporting arena.  Activities such as debating and public speaking, quizzes and competitions, school musical and lunch time games room are also offered.  The three flags flying outside the school represent the diversity of activities enthusiastically undertaken by staff and students – Green Flag, Mental Health Awareness flag and Young Social Innovators flag.

As a learning community we seek to foster a sense of belonging and partnership within the school.  Student involvement and participation in the various activities and groups is actively promoted.  Mutual support and open communication between parents and school is encouraged and valued.

The school is also part of the wider community.   The process of becoming active and responsible citizens begins in practical ways in school.  Spiritual growth and the development of an informed conscience, working for social justice and contributing in positive ways to our community are valued aspects of school life.

The shared vision that we have as a school is to ensure that every student leaves us after five or six years ready to partake in the world.   Each student is an individual who has potential for greatness in their own sphere, an individual who will invariably grow up to have a strong sense of self, a strong sense of where he came from and a strong sense of where he wants to be.

Is mise, le meas,

Mary Hannon,

Principal, CBS.