January 29th, 1857 Christian Brothers arrive in Mitchelstown
February 2nd, 1857 School opens
July 4th, 1859 Brother Anselm Sheedy arrives
August 15th, 1860 Building of Monastery completed
November 6th, 1864 School officially named Mount St. Bernard
January 16th, 1866 First public examination in school
November 13th, 1868 Death of school’s benefactor, Rev. Morgan O’ Brien
June 27th, 1887 First burial, Br. Dunne, in Monastic Cemetary
September 9th, 1887 The “Mitchelstown Massacre”
December 6th, 1904 Br. Diarmuid O’Brien born
June 10th, 1907 Death of Br. Louis Yorke
January 3rd, 1910 Death of Br. Anselm Sheedy
August 12th,1922 The Burning of Mitchelstown Castle
October 10th, 1925 First major school extension: the gymnasium
June 5th, 1929 First Leaving Certificate Class
August 1st, 1930 First Lay Teacher
December 17th, 1930 Electricity reaches school and Monastery
July 2nd, 1933 Blessing of Galteemore Cross
October 7th, 1935 First Competitive Football Game played
Janaury 14th, 1941 Purchase of Football Field
August 31st, 1944 Edmund Rice’s Centenary Celebrations
June 28th, 1950 Opening of New Primary School
February 2nd, 1957 Centenary of School
June 22nd, 1957 First Football Cup won by Under 14
March 30th, 1960 First Munster Football victory by under 17 1/2
March 29th, 1962 First Oral Irish examination for Leaving Certificate
September 2nd, 1967 Work begins on new school
September 1st, 1969 Co-operation between Convent and C.B.S. begins
May 27th, 1970 New School officially opened
February 12th, 1972 First Parent Teacher Meeting
September 12th, 1972 First Vice Principal, Jack Derby
March 14th, 1976 Football Final defeat
December 12th, 1977 Official opening of Handball alleys
September 5th, 1982 School uniform introduced
September 14th, 1987 Last burial, Br. Meere, in Monastic Cemetery
May 25th, 1992 Board of Management established
August 1st, 1992 Mr W.P. Hallihan becomes First Lay Principal
December 3rd, 1993 Christian Brothers decide to withdraw from Mitchelstown
January 4th, 1994 Decision to withdraw relayed to Lay Teachers
November 20th, 1995 Initial application made for new school
May 25th, 1998 Farewell meeting between Brothers and staff
April 24th, 2001 Death of Br. Diarmuid O’ Brien
September 7th, 2002 Unveiling of memorial to Br. O’ Brien in Brigown Cemetary
March 10th, 2004 School wins first Munster Hurling Cup
March 13th, 2006 Work begins on new school
April 21st, 2006 Remains of Brothers re-interred in Brigown Cemetery
April 4th, 2008 Official opening of new school