CBS Mitchelstown Weekly Roundup

First Years Warmly Welcomed to CBS Mitchelstown

Last Thursday and Friday saw the First Years of CBS Mitchelstown welcomed with two Induction Days, where the students became familiarised with the building, the teachers and most importantly, each other. Ice breakers, games and informative sessions were on the menu for both days where the students were not only given an opportunity to learn about the school day, including subjects, timetabling and lockers, but also an opportunity to ask staff and management any questions they might have to assuage any potential fears or worries.

The inclusive mantra of the school, where student support is paramount, was not only evident in the respectful and dialectical nature of the information sessions between staff and students, but also between older students and the new entrants. For many years, the school has been running a mentor system, where TY students act as mentors for a group of First Years, a relationship that not only fosters a more smooth transition but also acts as a platform with which the younger pupils can engage in a supportive manner: when a teacher might feel like an authoritative person to approach, a fellow student might be a more tangible option.

This academic year was especially noteworthy as it represents an expansion of the collaboration utilised between the Brothers and their local counterparts Presentation Convent. The CBS is proud and counts itself lucky to have collaborated with the Presentation for many years in Senior Cycle, which not only maximises subject choices for the TYs, 5th and 6th Years, but also gives a sense of congeniality between the two schools, especially since both schools share a similar ethos: one of respect, excellence in teaching and learning, and a focus on the holistic development of all students. On the back of the success of this, the two schools have now begun to collaborate with the respective First Year groups, with the boys now able to complete Art and Home Ec in the Presentation, and the girls now able to complete Woodwork in the CBS. Both schools are very excited about this new development and look forward to deepening the long-standing connection between both schools.