CBS Mitchelstown Weekly Roundup

Continued Excellence in State Exams for CBS Mitchelstown 

Last Friday saw the release of the Leaving Cert  and Leaving Cert Applied results for the class of 2022, and this year, as has long been the tradition in CBS Mitchelstown, saw excellence across the board. The students of this cohort had an extremely difficult senior cycle with the various restrictions but throughout it all showed themselves as resilient and self directed in their learning. This focus and effort paid off with exceptional results across the board, most notably Pierce Burke who received the maximum results of 625 points. The LCA class of 2022 also showed exceptionality with four of the five students receiving the maximum award of Distinction and the fifth students the second highest award of Merit. This LC and LCA group’s collective success  resulted in satisfied students who are prepared and ready for the next chapter of their lives.

 The CBS would like to take this opportunity to wish each and every student from the class of 2022 the absolute best in their future endeavours, to offer their support if and when needed, and to commend their character. The school would also like to note the collaborative element to the success of the class, with special thanks denoted to the teachers for their expertise and guidance, and the students’ parents for their continued support. Congratulations to all involved.

Picture One: Pierce Burke, who received the maximum 625 points

Picture Two: Some very happy members of the class of 2022 after receiving their results

Picture Three: The five 2022 LCA2 group, (pictured with the LCA1s) who received the fantastic results of four Distinctions and one Merit.