LC 2023 pictures

CBS Mitchelstown Celebrates Fantastic Leaving Cert Results 2023

Last Friday, 25th August, saw the release of the 2023 Leaving Cert results, and the CBS, like all other secondary schools around the country, waited with bated breath to see what would come for the Leaving Cert and Leaving Cert Applied past pupils. This year was the first year that all results were available online, for both students and schools, at 10am. Thankfully, though, even though the students could access the results at home, the school still saw a plethora of students come through the door, wanting to meet with the principal Mary Hannon, to see and talk with their teachers, and to have one last stint collectively as brothers. This is as much a testament to the relationship and mutual respect the students have with the staff, as much as it embodies the sense of community the class of 2023 had with each other.

The results, as was expected, were incredibly high for both Leaving Cert Applied and Leaving Cert students, as with previous years, surpassing national averages across the board.

Principal Mary Hannon spoke for the whole school community when she noted that “we are very proud of the Leaving Cert class of 2023, who showed great maturity and cooperation with the school, especially considering the disruption Covid had on their secondary education.”  Ms. Hannon also paid tribute to the school’s teachers and other staff, who went to great lengths to ensure that the class of 2023 achieved their potential.  She also thanked the parents and families of the students, whose support is at the heart of the school community. However, she also noted that should any student want or need any guidance, both on their exams, and course choices, both the subject teachers and guidance counsellors are available to help.

The school is incredibly proud of each and every student of the class of 2023, and they would like to wish each and every one of them every success in their future endeaovours.

First Years Warmly Welcomed to CBS Mitchelstown

Last Thursday and Friday saw the First Years of CBS Mitchelstown welcomed with two Induction Days, where the students became familiarised with the building, the teachers and most importantly, each other. Ice breakers, games and informative sessions were on the menu for both days where the students were not only given an opportunity to learn about the school day, including subjects, timetabling and lockers, but also an opportunity to ask staff and management any questions they might have to assuage any potential fears or worries.

The inclusive mantra of the school, where student support is paramount, was not only evident in the respectful and dialectical nature of the information sessions between staff and students, but also between older students and the new entrants. For many years, the school has been running a mentor system, where TY students act as mentors for a group of First Years, a relationship that not only fosters a more smooth transition but also acts as a platform with which the younger pupils can engage in a supportive manner: when a teacher might feel like an authoritative person to approach, a fellow student might be a more tangible option. 

It is the hope of everyone at the CBS that the new students will settle in quickly, will embrace everything the school has to offer, and will take their place as “brothers” within the school community, just as so many have done before them.