Learning Support

Care of our students is of paramount importance in our school.  It is our aim that each student develops to his potential.  To that end, a number of supports are in place for our students:

Learning support
If a student has an exemption from Irish from the Department of Education or if a student is deemed to be having difficulties in the areas of literacy and maths, a position in a learning support class may be offered. These take place in small group settings where students have access to a learning support teacher who will help them with reading, writing, comprehension and basic maths skills.  

Resource Teaching
Students eligible to resource hours by the Department of Education due to a physical, social or behaviour disability have access to resource classes in the school. These are usually on a one to one or very small group basis where the specific needs of the child are catered for by dedicated SEN teachers.  Progress in the mainstream classes is also monitored and the SEN team work in collaboration with the main stream class teachers to ensure that the curriculum can be supplemented in the resource class if necessary.

Seomra Rís- Multi-disability Room
Pupils with more complex needs may be granted a place in our purpose built multi-disabilty room, Seomra Rís, where the needs of up to six students are catered for in a safe and secure educational environment. Each child is different and all needs are catered for individually. In CBS, we favour integration as much as possible so pupils will be offered a place in Seomra Rís while also being supported by an SNA and encouraged to attend main stream classes where possible.

Special Needs Assistants
Students may be assigned the support of a Special Needs Assistant to help in their care needs during the day.  Our policy is that our special needs assistants maintain a discreet support in the classroom and act as a classroom assistant.