In keeping with the school’s commitment to holistic development, Mitchelstown CBS offers a comprehensive Guidance counselling service to all our pupils.  Our two counsellors work with all students, from first year to sixth year.   Parents/guardians are encouraged and are welcome to visit the Guidance Counsellors; this ongoing contact supports positive outcomes.  

The work of the Counsellors may be categorised under three headings
- Personal and Social 
- Educational 
- Career guidance

Personal and Social Counselling 
This is a key part of the Guidance service provided in the school.  We are very conscious of the importance of good mental health and well-being for every student.  Counselling is offered as part of a developmental learning process and at times of crisis in the student’s life.   When necessary and appropriate, students may be referred to qualified professionals outside of school.  The Guidance Counsellors initiate the referral process through consultation and seeking the relevant permission.  

Educational Guidance and Counselling
The Counsellors’ role in assisting students begins at Induction day and continues right through – and sometimes beyond- the student’s time with us at the CBS.  Assistance is provided in study skills, subject choice and exam preparation.  Individual students may be referred to the Counsellors if in need of guidance and advice on study organisation or learning techniques.  

Standard aptitude tests are held annually in Term 1 for First years, and the information gained is used to assist teachers so they are best positioned to help each individual student achieve his potential.  Third Year and Transition Year students are offered the opportunity of taking standardised tests designed to assist students in choosing among educational and career options based on strengths and weakness. 

The Counsellors host information sessions for parents on subject choice for First Year, Third Year and TY students.  Parents/guardians are always welcome to contact the Counsellors to discuss for individual advice. 

Careers advice is a key part of the role of the Guidance Counsellor.  The aim is to empower students to make informed decisions about their future career choice.  This process begins as early as First Year with focus on subject choice and its impact on future career options.  Standardised educational assessment designed to identify students’ strengths and weaknesses are offered at Third Year and Transition Year, and students are also assisted collectively and individually in making subject choices.  

Sixth years have a timetabled Careers class each week to facilitate the key work on career choices, CAO/UCAS applications and interview preparation.  Talks with outside speakers of interest to sixth years are organised, as are trips to the Higher Options Exhibition and various universities and colleges.  

Students are actively encouraged to meet individually with the Counsellors throughout the year to ensure that they are fully informed and best positioned to make career choices.