CBS OsKaRs Fundraiser

CBS OsKaRs Fundraiser Filming Well Underway

Last weekend saw members of the wider school community of CBS MItchelstown engaged in a spot of acting as filming was underway in various locations around Mitchelstown for the OsKaRs fundraiser. This fundraiser saw parents, CBS staff members, past pupils and locals don their “glad rags” (as evidenced in the photos!) to take on the characters of some well known movies and shows: Fr Ted, Sister Act, and The Field. 

This endeavour is part of a big school fundraiser that was conceived in the autumn of 2019 and works in tandem with Kevin Rowe events. The idea here is twofold, where while the ultimate aim is to fundraise, the method of doing so is where the originality and the fun takes precedence. Each group involved in the undertaking is given two roles: to raise a certain amount of money, and, more interestingly, to star in a short movie adaptation of a famous title. Each group is given rehearsal training with a professional acting coach over a certain period of time, culminating in a professional filming session. This is what the members of the school community were involved in last weekend, and which was, by all accounts, as much a success in craic, as it was in acting!

The fundraising element of the event has huge revenue potential for the school, while also building on community spirit, a key element of the Edmund Rice charter, for which the school stands. Each group has a fundraising target that engages the whole community, with events like table quizzes, fun runs and much more. However, the pinnacle of the whole process ultimately lies with a celebratory element: a glamorous, red carpet, black tie, OsKaRs event. Here, Kevin Rowe Entertainment will put on a ceremony that awards accolades, including “Best Actor/ Actress” and “Best Movie”.  This is due to take place in the Spring of 2023, and the school is in no doubt that it will be a sell out event.

As this fundraiser was initially postponed in 2020 due to Covid, the CBS Secondary are delighted to not only be in a position to run the event, but are also delighted with the enthusiasm with which the school community are embracing it. Watch this space!