Parent Correspondence

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September 2018

6th Year Study Skills seminar - letter for parents.

Parent Council AGM - notification for all parents/guardians

Junior Cert results - information for parents/guardians

For reference purposes - TY contract 2018

Setting up Google Suites for Education student accounts - information for parents

CAT4 test for First Years - parent information letter

Reasonable Accommodations in Certificate Exams (RACE) 2019 - information letter for parents

Third Year Study skills seminars - parent letter and reply slip


October 2018

For parents/guardians of 6th Year students re DARE and HEAR

Information on college entry schemes DARE and HEAR

Deli Menu options


November 2018

Information for parents/guardians of Third Year students regarding RACE 2019

Ray Langan "Rayse your game" workshop for parents - Information 

CBS fundraising event 2018 - parent letter


December 2018

Parent Council letter re CBS fundraising event - for all parents


January 2019

Information letter on Wellness week, Jan. 14-18 incl.

Parent Council Church Gate Collection - reply slip

Letter re First Year Parent-Teacher meeting, Thurs. Jan. 29th (Incl info on SSE focus group meeting)


February 2019

Senior Cycle Options 2019 Parent information meeting, Feb. 28 - parent letter.

Second Year Parent-Teacher meeting - parent letter.

Second Year CBAs - information for parents.

Internet Safety notice for parents/guardians.


March 2019

Second Year Resilience Academy with Pieta House - parent information and consent form

Subject Options meeting for parents of incoming Second Year students - parent letter

Canteen - trialling Breakfast opening - options available


April 2019

Transition Year tour 2019 - parent and student information meeting

Transition Year tour 2019 - contract and required information

Parent surveys request - parent information letter