County Mayor's award for YSI winners

CBS boys’ achievements recognised by Mayor

The Mitchelstown CBS mini-company C.A.L.F stands for Calling All Little Farmers, and they produced a farm safety pack aimed specifically at primary school children. Included in the pack is a book, written and illustrated by the boys, a C.A.L.F wristband, a high visibility vest, quizzes, stickers, posters and C.A.L.F Farm Safety Certificate.
The boys’ focus on the issue of farm safety is particularly apt, given Mitchelstown’s location in an agricultural area.  Their initial research found that there had been 194 farm fatalities in the last 10 years. Shocked by these statistics, the boys set about creating a product which teaches children about farm safety in a fun and educational way.  They have worked hard over the year to get their message across, and have distributed packs to over 50 primary schools.  They also attended numerous events and met leading dignitaries such as An Taoiseach Enda Kenny and former Agriculture Minister Simon Coveney,  Dairygold CEO Jim Woulfe and former IFA president Eddie Downey. They received a great response at the many fairs and markets they participated in.  The potential of the product was recognised by Cork County Council, and the boys worked with Caroline Casey, water safety development officer with the Council to develop a farm safety book.  The story in the resultant book, “Sally and Jake, Stay Safe on the Farm” was written by Richard Maher, launched in May in Mallow library and featured subsequently in the “Farmer’s Journal”. 

C.A.L.F. participated in the Y.S.I. competition, at which they won the National Young Social Entrepreneurs Award for 2016 and were also awarded the National Bronze award for the YSI competition overall.  The idea for Young Social Innovators originated from Sr. Stanislaus Kennedy, with the aim of young people initiating change for the better in society.  It promotes education for social innovation, and is open to young people north and south of the border.  It encourages students to use their creativity, to respond to social issues and contribute to a fairer, more caring and equal society.  Projects are submitted in one of eight categories, such as Making Our world a safer place, Making our world a healthier place and Making our world greener. Hundreds of groups of young people participate annually in the competition, and it is a feature of many Transition Year programmes throughout the country.  The CBS boys hope to continue their work on this very worthwhile project in the coming year.

  Social Entrepreneurs of the Year and National bronze medal winners at YSI 2016.

  County Mayor Cllr. O'Shea with the YSI winners and families