Upcoming events

August 15th

The State Exams Commission will release the LC results to schools on the morning of Wed. Aug. 15th.  The school will contact all LC and LCA students regarding collection times.


Return to school schedule

On Friday August 24th we will welcome our First Year students to the school for their first official day, Induction day.  The TY mentors will also attend on that day to help the First Years.

Other Year groups will return as follows:

  • Mon. Aug. 27    2nd and 3rd Years
  • Tue. Aug. 28     5th and 6th Years
  • Wed. Aug. 29    TY and LCA students return


6th Year Study Skills

Student Enrichment will host a Study Skills workshop for 6th Years on Mon. Sept. 3rd.  This is the 3rd year they will facilitate this workshop in the CBS.  Feedback from previous yeargroups has been very positive and 6th year students are strongly encouraged to avail of the opportunity.