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First Year exams timetable

Second Year exams timetable

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State Exams commission has confirmed the dates for the Oral exams for LC 2019:

Mon. March 25th to Fri. March 29th - Irish

Mon. April 1st to Fril April 5th - French, German, Italian, Spanish.

Dates to remember for 6th Year (Leaving Cert) students in CBS.

Dates to remember for 3rd Year (Junior Cycle) students in CBS.


Pre EXAMS 2019

Pre Exams begin for Leaving Certs on Feb. 4th, for Junior Certs on Feb. 6th and for LCA on Feb. 12th.  All exams finish on Feb. 15th.

Timetables have been given to students, and may be downloaded by clicking on the relevant link below:

Pre Junior Cert timetable

Pre Leaving Cert timetable

Pre Leaving Cert Applied timetable